RSE - Relationships and Sexuality Education

At Bishopstone School we teach a majority of RSE in the Summer Term.  Throughout the year we follow the SBC Scheme of work which can be found on the Healthy Schools website, click here.


We follow the SBC Scheme of work for Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education, click here.


This is supplemented by 'Living and Growing' from Channel 4.  The programmes in this series gently introduce sex education to primary children looking at changes that occur from childhood through adolescence into their adulthood.


Before we teach RSE we invite parents in to see the materials and allow parents the opportunity to view the dvd's, so that we are working together to introduce these issues to the children (see below for yearly coverage).


If you do not wish your child to participate in these sessions, having viewed the material then please let your child's teacher know.


The Church are currently reviewing RSE coverage and we are awaiting further information to see if they will indicate changes that we will need to make being a Church of England School (Nov17)